Brian Viveros

                                Interview with BRIAN VIVEROS: Your childhood ambition: My childhood ambition was to become a successful, well-known artist & to leave my mark in history. Also that my Dirty Land army would take over the universe! Something you treasure: The bond that me & my wife have. No words can explain it but she’s a true Super Hero. Your worst habit: My worst habit would probably be not being able to stop thinking. I never shut down. I tend to obsess on things and the process of getting things done. It’s a habit that can drive me a little mad but in a good way. To be a little crazy is good. The aspect of your work that’s most important to you: The Strength & Power I try to convey in each girl I paint. Your first job: My first job was at the hospital cafeteria. I was fifteen & I used to wash dishes. Someone whose work you highly recommend: My good friend Dan Quintana.   See more of Brian Vivero’s work here.