Helena Hauss

Midnight Lust 100 x 80 cm ballpoint pen     The Fight 120 x 85 cm ballpoint pen     Cover Girl 80 x 100 cm ballpoint pen and yellow color pencil     The Piercing 70 x 100 cm ballpoint pen         Interview with HELENA HAUSS: Your childhood ambition: To be a kid forever. Something you treasure: My memories and my journals. I kept them from age 10 to 25. I’ve got loads, and I’m so happy I did so I never forget about my life and all my personal adventures, feelings and struggles. Your worst habit: I’m a control freak. And I tend to get batshit crazy when something doesn’t go the way I planned. I wish I was more of the “zen” type, but I’m really not… Then again I guess it goes hand in hand with the stuff that got me where I am today, like being a hard worker and demanding a lot of myself. The aspect of your work that’s most important to you: I love the entire process, but what I like best is telling stories: my work is about memories and the strong feelings brought by the loss of innocence, first times, youth and discovery. Your first job: Spoiled brat. Someone whose work you highly recommend: I really love Ugo Gattoni’s crazy dystopian landscapes. Joel Daniel Phillips’ amazing life-size charcoal portraits. And Violaine & Jeremy’s insanely intricate and delicate pencil illustrations.     See more of Helena Hauss’s work here.