Jaeyeol Han

Passersby, Transcendental Persona 40 x 50 cm with frame Oilbar on linen 2015   Passersby, Arrest, March Oil on linen 30 x 19.4 cm 2013     Passersby, Inward, April Oil bar on linen 39 x 29.5 cm 2013     Passersby, Notting Hill, London Oil Bar on linen 30 x 20 cm 2011     Passersby, Repassage Oil bar on linen 30 x 20 cm 2012       Interview with JAEYEOL HAN: Your childhood ambition: Scientist, graphic novelist. Something you treasure: Family. Your worst habit: Sleeping. The aspect of your work that’s most important to you: My next painting. Your first job: Concept designer. Someone whose work you highly recommend: Jannis Kounellis.     See more of Jaeyeol Han’s work here.