Justin Mott

Myanmar.     Buddhist Monks in Bagan, Myanmar on their daily collections.     A slum area of Yangon on a rainy day.     From Aureum Palace hotel you can see a sample of the numerous Bagan temples.     A novice monk fixes his robe in the dormitory of local monastery near Lake Inle, Myanmar.         Interview with JUSTIN MOTT: Your childhood ambition: I wanted to play professional sports as a child. Something you treasure: I treasure my mother and all she did raising 4 children on her own. Your worst habit: I live in Vietnam and my mother lives in the USA so my worst habit is not calling her enough. The aspect of your work that’s most important to you: I love telling stories. No matter if it’s a commercial shoot or an editorial shoot, every image should tell a story. Your first job: I was a dishwasher at an Italian restaurant in Rhode Island. Someone whose work you highly recommend: I highly recommend the work of photographer James Nachtwey. I love the art in his documentary photography.     See more of Justin Mott’s work here.