Matthew Saba

Haunt and Hunger 2015 24 in x 17 3/4 in     Silent Havens 2015 20 in x 13 in     Paper and Stone 2015 14 in x 12 in     Breathing 2015 15 in x 18 in       Interview with MATTHEW SABA: Your childhood ambition: I spent all my time reading and drawing but had little to no direction until I was in my twenties. Something you treasure: My wife’s support, patience and opinion. Your worst habit: Over thinking and over working paintings, and letting my studio become a pit of discarded drawings and coffee cups. The aspect of your work that’s most important to you: There’s no one thing or element that’s particularly important to me as long as I push the work as far as I’m capable. Your first job: I started bussing tables when I was thirteen. Someone whose work you highly recommend: Norman Blamey.     See more of Matthew Saba’s work here.