Ralph Pugay

Rothkos in Space acrylic on canvas 24” x 24” 2013   Your Business is Your Business acrylic on panel 24” x 18” 2010   Serene Sewer acrylic on canvas 18” x 24” 2013   A Flow of Fondles acrylic on canvas 12” x 9” 2013   Mini Interview with RALPH PUGAY: Your childhood ambition: I really wanted to be a telekinetic. Couldn’t find a good telekinesis program so I dinked around in community college for two years trying out different ambitions, until I took a drawing class and finally decided to commit. Something you treasure: My Sonicare and my new iPad. Your worst habit: Playing games on the iPad waaaaay too much. Also, downloading a bunch of unread e-books that are e-piling up. The aspect of your work that’s most important to you: The self-effacing humor. Having lived in Oregon for 10 years, I definitely fall prey to seasonal depression. Painting is a good reminder exercise for me to lighten up. Your first job: I worked the tickets for my local high school with some friends who were totally pocketing the revenue and buying useless crap from Hot Topic. I had so much Manic Panic, my hair started falling out. Someone whose work you highly recommend: Really hooked on J.F. Willumsen right now. Saw some of his work while on vacation in Florida and was awe-stricken. So radical for an artist who died in 1958.   See more of Ralph Pugay’s artwork here.