Aurelia Thierree

Granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, Aurelia Thierree is an internationally acclaimed performing artist.

Interview with AURELIA THIERREE: Your childhood ambition: I wanted to be a farmer who would not kill her animals. Or a “snow drop”—it broke my heart that it would only live for a day, piercing through the cold. Something you treasure: An alarm clock (I hate alarm clocks) but this one wakes you up with birds chirping and a cloud softly shining. Your worst habit: Procrastination. Worse: a feeling of guilt about it. Yet, I have achieved a lot of important things while procrastinating. The aspect of your work that’s most important to you: Its elusiveness. The fact that it will not tolerate pretension. That it keeps me questioning, rethinking, wondering, and then surrendering. Your first job: As an independent being? On a night shoot, as a teenager, I was to bring a glass of champagne to a grand old actor, in between each and every take so much so that as the night advanced, he would grin like a little kid as soon as he would hear “cut”. And sing a song “my glass of champ, my glass of champ”, and sometimes do a little dance when he would see me arriving. Someone whose work you highly recommend: His.   See more of Aurelia’s work here.