Claudia Biçen

José pastel on tree stump 2013     Raga 23 x 17 pastel on paper 2013       Self-Portrait 15 x 23 pastel on paper 2014       Bobby pastel on tree stumps 2013       Interview with CLAUDIA BICEN: Your childhood ambition: I wanted to be something different every year growing up…I still do. Something you treasure: The unwavering love and support of my partner, family and friends. Your worst habit: Getting so focused on my work I won’t even “waste” time sharpening my pencils. The aspect of your work that’s most important to you: To take people to a liminal space where they can soberly observe the condition of being human and the meaning of their life. Your first job: Wrapping presents in a local gift shop on the weekends. Someone whose work you highly recommend: I recently fell in love with the work of Andrew Mazorol & Tynan Kerr (AMTK).     See more of Claudia Biçen’s work here.