Erin M. Riley

Crimson Landslide 2013 42″ x 52″ Wool, Cotton   Nudes 14 2014 24″ x 23″ Wool, Cotton   Fun 2012 42″ x 30″ Wool, Cotton   Coffee Table 2011 41″ x 27″ Wool, Cotton      


Photo: SimplyMyView J.Bachner   Mini Interview with ERIN M. RILEY: Your childhood ambition: I wanted to be a fashion designer as soon as I learned how to use a sewing machine at age 8. I also had fascinations with being in jail and being a stripper, both seemed easy ways to live for free or make money. Something you treasure: I treasure myself, and my work. Your worst habit: I drink a lot of coffee, I also work too much. The aspect of your work that’s most important to you: I appreciate the way it helps me express emotions that are abstract or controversial. It’s been my tool for developing my views on sexuality, violence, death and so many other things. I use my work as a conduit for research and understanding the psychology of women in day to day activities. Your first job: My first job was Dunkin Donuts in Massachusetts. Someone whose work you highly recommend: Eric Yevak     View Erin M. Riley’s artwork here.