How much does where you both are (geographically) affect how you create?

A lot! We moved to London in September and this is one of the most intensive cities we have lived!

Did either of you study art in school? What do you think is the value, if any, of studying art-making in higher institutions?

We met at university in Valencia, Spain in 2006 and we started to work together in 2011. University gives you keys to understand yourself or your work in that period but it’s not necessary to go there to learn. Almost all we have learned about illustration and work has been outside of there—thanks to our curiosity and the internet.

You said in an interview with Colectivo Futuro that you “basically work for a ‘being’ called Cachetejack. Ultimately the stamp or signature behind every project belongs to him.” What kind of being is Cachetejack? How would you describe him?

Cachetejack is just the energy that is created when we are together.

Apart from garnering attention for your work, does social media have any role in the process of creating your work?

Internet is huge! Everything you can imagine is there so you can learn, enjoy and get info about each idea you have! Of course we enrich ourselves with it like everybody, and whoever says the opposite is a liar!

What is one person/idea/thing that inspires you right now?

London is a shop window: people, fashion, gigs… Also, we are now interested in photography!


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