Othmane Taleb

Diptych, graphite, oil painting on canson paper
2: 100 x 70 cm each

Misericordiam III
Graphite, pastel on Arche cotton paper
85 x 113 cm
Le retour des anges
Triptych, graphite, pastel on Canson paper
3: 100 x 70 cm each
Graphite, poudre de graphite sur papier aquarelle
70 x 100 cm

Interview with OTHMANE TALEB:

Your childhood ambition:

Being a traveler through cultural diversity.

Something you treasure:

Perfection is not about doing extraordinary things, but about doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

Your worst habit:


The aspect of your work that’s most important to you:

Integrate multiplicity in order to evoke motion, memory, and time through the human nature.

Your first job:

And also current job, architect.

Someone whose work you highly recommend:

I love Italian masters like Caravaggio, and more recent as Lucian Freud.

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