Erkut Terliksiz

Hunger IV
mixed media on cardboard
36.5 x 85.5 cm


Till We Meet Again
mixed media on MDF
220 x 170 cm


The Beautiful Outlaws
mixed media on MDF
220 x 170 cm


Hunger II
mixed media on cardboard
141 x 97.5 cm


Grandiose Delusions
mixed media on paper
40 x 28.5 cm




Interview with ERKUT TERLIKSIZ:

Your childhood ambition:

To be an artist.

Something you treasure:

My wife.

Your worst habit:


The aspect of your work that’s most important to you:

Creating intuitive stories from unexpected accidents. Encountering these forms leads to another creative process, which actually shapes the consequence and at that point craftsmanship starts. This can be an accident or even the texture of the material that I paint on. For instance, I’ve been collecting dumped furniture, woods or whatever I can work on from the street. The imperfection of the texture triggers my next move. I really enjoy when it doesn’t end as how it starts.

Your first job:

I studied graphic design. When I was a student, I was designing posters for the state theaters. Thanks to the support of my university’s valuable lecturer Esen Karol.

Someone whose work you highly recommend:

Phil Hale, Joakim Ojanen, Jonas Burgert.



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