Gozde Ilkin

Destruction: domestic deed
paint and stitching on fabric
104 x 183 cm



Outer Voice: we crossed the bridge for the first time just like this
paint and stitching on bedding
139 x 98 cm



The Conundrum
paint and stitching on fabric
147 x 250 cm



paint and stitching on found fabric
147 x 206 cm





Interview with GOZDE ILKIN:

Your childhood ambition:

As a child I lived in different cities in Turkey. I traveled, met different people, discovered different cultures and collected many memories. Now I mostly collect fabrics from different places. These fabrics play a role as part of the narrative of my work.

Something you treasure:

Meeting interesting people and sharing ideas is important to me. Friendship and conversations guide me in life and inspire new directions in my work. I like working with people from different backgrounds.

Your worst habit:

When I start I tend to focus too much on details and miss the bigger picture. I collect connections, ideas and adapt them to my working map. But that is also an essential process for my work.

The aspect of your work that’s most important to you:

Face my problems, recover and adapt.

Your first job:

I worked as assistant art director for a film.

Someone whose work you highly recommend:

Güneş Terkol.




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