Michele Del Campo

The Fall
105 x 180 cm
oil on linen, 2014



The Rest
190 x 200 cm
oil on linen, 2014



The Other Side
190 x 300 cm
oil on linen, 2011



The Apple Tree
121 x 121 cm
oil on linen, 2015



The Abandonment
130 x 89 cm
oil on linen, 2012




Interview with MICHELE DEL CAMPO:

Your childhood ambition:

Being a naturalist. I was drawing or sculpting exotic animals with wax, and I used to record documentaries about animals and transcribe them in notebooks.

Something you treasure:

My finished tubes and caps of oil colors, apart from the whites. Most of those tubes have accompanied me in my work for months, some for years, and I find it such a pity to throw them away when they are finished!

Your worst habit:

Working too late at night. I go to bed at 4 or 5 am and I seem to never manage to correct that.

The aspect of your work that’s most important to you:

The idea behind a painting, its story or message.

Your first job:

I sold bicycles in a sporting shop during a summer holiday. I only lasted a few weeks. I just couldn’t adjust to the routine.

Someone whose work you highly recommend:

Liu Xiaodong. He has such a big capacity to translate onto canvas simple or complex scenes with exceptional speed and economy of means. If I can add another name, surely Antonio López García. His paintings are precise depictions of reality through time (he can spend literally decades on the same painting, although he works at many paintings at the same time). His work should be seen live to really appreciate the sensual treatment of the paint on the canvas.


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