Romina Ressia








Interview with ROMINA RESSIA:

Your childhood ambition:

To be a painter.

Something you treasure:

First of all my husband, family and friends. To be healthy and to be able to live my passion.

Talking about material things, I treasure my collection of antique French frames and every time I can I add a new one to the collection. I don’t have more space in the walls to hang them but I can’t stop buying them.

Your worst habit:

To be very obsessive at work and to try to have everything under control.

The aspect of your work that’s most important to you:

I love my work in all its aspects. It allows me to express myself in a creative way and I enjoy while I am doing it.

Your first job:

When I was a child I wanted to work to have my own money, then my father found me a job in a supermarket and I was there just a few days. It was so hard to me, I realized it was easier to spend my father’s money, hahaha.

Someone whose work you highly recommend:

One of my favorite artists is Ray Caesar. And regarding painting I would recommend Mary Jane Ansell’s work.



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