Hiro Yokose

Untitled 5307
36 x 48 inches
Oil on canvas


Untitled (5217)
48 x 48 inches
Oil on polyester


Untitled (5216)
54 x 48 inches
Oil on polyester


Interview with HIRO YOKOSE:

When you are creating a particular piece, are you viewing it in the context of your overall body of work, or do you treat it as an isolated piece?

People might see as I am viewing it in the context of my overall body of work, but I treat it as an isolated piece.

What role, if any, does spirituality play in your life and in your work?

It is always very noisy and busy in Manhattan so I try to make my mind clear and fresh by doing meditation for a little while before I start my painting.

Do you observe any differences in how your artwork is received in Japan, versus how it is received in the U.S.? How much does your environment (Manhattan) impact your process?

My artworks are hardly received in Japan. So there is no way to compare the differences in Japan and in the U.S.  Manhattan is full of power for better or worse. I utilize its power in the process of creation.

There is something deeply poetic about your work; are there particular poets who have impacted you in any way?

I don’t have any in particular.

What are the biggest obstacles you face (inside and outside of yourself) in producing and growing in your craft?

I am painting an unreal world. My biggest obstacles are that I have to do daily fussy little tasks as a human.

What artists do you find yourself returning to for inspiration? Anyone whose work you highly recommend (in any field)?

Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn.



Courtesy of Winston Wächter Fine Art