Man Vs. Magic








Interview with MAN VS. MAGIC:

Your childhood ambition:

The first thing I remember ever wanting to be was a cartoonist. I think it was the first job I was ever really aware of. I’d watch old cartoons and they’d do the gag where the character interacts with the animator who was represented by a big hand and pencil who’d draw and erase the characters or change their outfits or whatever. I remember seeing that and thinking “oh yeah, I guess somebody has to draw these guys.” However, I was always changing my mind about what I wanted to do. It just so happens that that was the first thing I wanted to do and I’ve sort of come full circle and I’m doing it again now. I guess I’ve worn a lot of different hats in my life. If I had stuck with being a cartoonist maybe my characters’ lips wouldn’t look so ridiculous.

Something you treasure:

I have a really nice maple top guitar I’ve had for years. I personally think it sounds better than any other guitar I’ve ever played. I think it’s magic.

Your worst habit:

I’ve managed to cut out most of my bad habits, though now I suppose it’s got to be junk food, I love burgers and soda. I used to smoke and now I use one of those vapor pens. I use it a lot more than I ever smoked, that can’t be great either. Maybe it’s a tie between nicotine and junk food.

The aspect of your work that’s most important to you:

I haven’t been at this very long so I guess the most important thing to me is to just keep doing it, getting the work done. I like having a release schedule to adhere to, even if it’s unofficial. I’d like to say being funny is the most important thing but I’ve found that funny is a pretty subjective thing so I just do whatever makes me giggle.

Your first job:

Delivering flyers, I quit after my first paycheck.

Someone whose work you highly recommend:

Nicholas Gurewitch. I love The Perry Bible Fellowship. Great artwork, great writing, it’s hilarious.



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