Petr Lovigin










Interview with PETR LOVIGIN:

Your childhood ambition:

I wanted to be watermelon-seller.

Something you treasure:


Your worst habit:

I’m egoist. A bit.

The aspect of your work that’s most important to you:

My invented world in photography named “costarica” with many characters like Wolf the Emerald Heart, Odnomubogu, Young Louis, Black Dwarf and others. It’s a very difficult way, because all these stories tie together by something and sometimes it’s difficult to explain a sense for new viewers who see my work for the first time.

Your first job:

Teacher of architecture in University. The first and the last job. From 2008 I’m unemployed.

Someone whose work you highly recommend:

Takeshi Kitano, Paolo Ventura, Kim Ki Duk.


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