Sam Chivers






Interview with SAM CHIVERS:

Your childhood ambition:

My childhood ambitions didn’t extend much beyond ‘I want more Lego. I want more Star Wars figures’. (Lego usually had the priority as Star Wars stuff gets boring after the novelty’s worn off. It looked cool but I’d end up playing with the box it came in.

Something you treasure:

I like walking. I’m very lucky to be living in the Southdowns National Park in the U.K. I go for a walk most mornings before work, I find a kind of meditative peace in doing this. Over the years the landscape has subtly manifested itself in what I make.

Your worst habit:

Procrastinating, which assumes many forms for me. Staring out of the window, reading the news. Constantly checking Social Media whilst not actively contributing to it. But this is supposed to be part of the creative process isn’t it?

The aspect of your work that’s most important to you:

That I get some sense of satisfaction from it.

Your first job:

Delivering newspapers when I was about 12.

Someone whose work you highly recommend:

Lorenzo Mattotti.


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